Envision Australian Education Agency Ltd are here to make sure that you receive the following services regarding your Australian Education Transition:


We will ensure that you receive accurate information on education and careers in Australia and therefore take you through the different options tailored to your education background and reasonable budget, this will be done by our experienced team by making sure that we have an engaging assessment. This will thereafter enable us to apply to the University or College on your behalf so that you can obtain admission and move on to the rest of this important transition.


We will at the time of application to University or College ensure that you get the visa requirements so that you can work on putting together the documents required while you wait for your admission letter. Once you receive your admission letter, the visa process will begin. We will thoroughly go through all the documents in ensuring that the visa application process is as smooth as can be. Once all documents meet the requirements, we will apply to the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf, we will also arrange for your medicals and biometrics collection as these are part of the visa process.  We do regular visa follow ups with immigration, again this will be done by our experienced team and in turn keep you updated. Note that we can also help apply for your parents a visit visa in case they would like to escort you to Australia, visit you during holidays or attend your graduation when the time comes.


We understand that as a student in a new country, it is very important that when you arrive you have a place where you can call home-away-from-home. We will guide you on the different accommodation options available, this will depend on your preference and proximity to the University or College. We can also arrange accommodation for parents who intend to escort their children to Australia, this again will also be done dependent on the parent’s preference.


Once you receive your visa it is very important for students and parents to have a pre-departure briefing, we will make sure that we give all our students and parents an opportunity to know what is expected of the student once they arrive in Australia, what their visa conditions are and must be respected at all costs, what you can take into Australia and what is prohibited to bring in Australia. Students will also get the opportunity to engage with other students who will also be embarking on the same journey.


Students can count on us to ensure that we book for your flight where we help source flights with pocket friendly rates given to students. We can also assist book for return flights for parents who want to escort their child, visit during holiday or during graduation. We will take you through the different offers and convenient routes available. It is advisable that you give us travel dates in good time so as to get the best rates available.


It is important to have someone waiting to pick you up once you land is Australia seeing that you are new in the country, we want to make sure that you are not stranded on arrival. Once we have your flight booking we will ensure that someone receives you and your parents in case they are traveling with you and take you to your accommodation.